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On Demand Global Business Seminars from GlobalBusinessProfessor.com

Global Business Professor is the culmination of years of seminars, presented by practicing experts in their fields, for educating international business management executives in all facets of global growth, from Legal and Compliance, HR, Supply Chain, Logistics and Manufacturing, to Ethical and Cultural issues, as well as Negotiation strategies, especially for the Automotive Industry.

These seminars, hosted by GlobalAutoIndustry.com, were attended by over 7500 industry executives with more than 95% rating the content as "excellent" or "very good".  The focus has always been on delivering the best content available, not just in the Automotive sector, but also in the world of global business management, with no sales pitches or advertising .

Over the past two years, we have been developing various customized platforms to deliver the content from this extensive library to business schools, associations and industry as a content resource and digital curation tool for Business Management, helping professors, trainers and educators build curricula for their blended, distance learning and Workshop requirements, in a controlled, secure, tiered-access environment.

Due to our personalized approach, flexible pricing, secure delivery, proprietary content, expert learning channel integration and customer support, more and more schools, associations and businesses are realizing that outsourcing the online content for their executive and MBA education programs is not only a smart way to train, it's also a bargain. Let us give you a demonstration of one of our platforms and you be the judge.

Contact us directly at info@globalbusinessprofessor.com to talk about what we can do for your executive education training needs.

Latest Seminar: Selecting your Automotive Manufacturing Site in Eastern Europe

Download PowerPoint: Automotive Manufacturing Site Selection
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