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Access – The Cyber Effect – Global Threats


About the Seminar:

As an outline for this presentation we will start by understanding how we got into this invisible war, and why stealing IP (Intellectual Property) from America is a course of business as well as standard policy for most foreign countries.

Next we will discuss the types of issues the U.S. faces every day, such as:

- Espionage

- Technology Transfer

- Counterfeit parts and electronics

- Chinese interests in U.S. business

- Trade practices

- National security

- Impact of electronic theft

Then we will look at some of the things travelers should be aware of concerning digital media when traveling to different countries such as:

- U.S.B devices purchased or received as gifts

- Phishing attacks

- Cell phone risks

- Electronic pick pockets

Lastly we will discuss safe practices and procedures concerning digital data when traveling, and we will finish by looking at what is happening right now when it comes to stealing U.S. Intellectual Property as well as commercial tools used for cyber spying such as Raytheon’s new RIOT tool.

About the Speaker / Presenter:

John Minotti


John is currently the Manager of AccessData’s Professional Services Division in Houston, Texas, where he is responsible for managing a team of digital forensic and eDiscovery specialists, the development of forensic lab practices and procedures, as well as development of the AccessData’s Forensic Internship Program.

From March 2011 – March 2012, John was contracted with CF360, where John was responsible for managing the forensics lab and leading the development and auditing of ESI and forensic policies and procedures. John continues to teach tool agnostic classes related to acquisition and analysis of electronic data on computer systems, corporate RAID servers, smart phones and cell phones.

From Nov 2010 – March 2011, John was part of an ESI auditing team contracted by Guidance Software. Duties included auditing current forensic and ESI procedures as well as developing and updating the existing ESI standard operating procedures that will be in use going forward for a Fortune 100 company.

John’s past experiences include certification as an AccessData instructor, where he began teaching Law Enforcement, Military, and Private Sector students on subjects including: acquisition methods, decryption technology, and forensic analysis of digital media.

John co-founded the computer forensic firm Acquisition Data in 2003. His position with Acquisition Data included acquisition, preservation and analysis of digital media, developing training for law enforcement on first responder procedures, various computer forensic tools and computer forensic / cell phone forensic methodologies.




Guidence Software EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE)

WetStone Certified Steganography Examiner

WetStone Certified LiveWire Examiner

AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE)

AccessData Certified Instructor (ACI)

WetStone Certified Hacking Examiner

Carey and Associates Certified Covert Entry Specialist

Acquisition Data Certified Acquisition Specialist

Specialties: The identification, acquisition, preservation, analysis and the reporting of electronic data for use in criminal or civil court.


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