Avoiding Global Patent Wars in Autonomous and Connected Vehicles with PatentBooks


Global Business Professor’s latest Audio Interview, “Avoiding Global Patent Wars in Autonomous and Connected Vehicles with PatentBooks” features Art Nutter. Mr. Nutter is Chairman & CEO of PatentBooks, Inc. and global patent and technology expert.

In the 11-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Nutter discusses:

  1. What is PatentBook and what problems does a PatentBook solve?
  2. What is the difference between PatentBook and ‘patent pools’?
  3. Can everyone see the patents in a PatentBook?
  4. Companies can participate as a Publisher and a Subscriber. Can you elaborate on each?
  5. How does a company become a Publisher or Subscriber?

Audio Interview Guest
Mr. Art Nutter
Chairman & CEO
PatentBooks, Inc.

About Art Nutter:
Art is the inventor, founder and CEO of PatentBooks, Inc., and is a strategic perseverant visionary that likes to create and lead. Art is listed by The IP Media Group as one of Intellectual Asset Management’s “World’s Leading IP Strategists” since the publication began in 2009. He founded TAEUS in 1992 as the world’s first engineering company dedicated exclusively to managing and monetizing intellectual property. TAEUS was bootstrapped from its humble beginnings in Colorado Springs, Colorado to a global enterprise now incorporated in the US, UK, Japan, and Malaysia. TAEUS determines which of the patents in its client’s portfolios are the most valuable and proves their value via proprietary forensic engineering and accounting processes. Some of these processes have been released to the public to further enable more efficient patent licensing around the world. TAEUSworks™, the process long considered the “Gold Standard of patent evaluation,” and referred to as “the Moody’s of intellectual property” by the Wall Street Journal, was created by Mr. Nutter. The Global Patent Syndicate™ and PatentBooks both significantly improve global patent licensing efficiencies.

Art has been a member of the Licensing Executives Society USA & Canada since 1994, was head of the LES High Tech Industry Sector for 7 years, was Trustee of the LES USA & Canada for 7 years, was an Delegate from the US to the Licensing Executives Society International for 15 years, and was head of the LESI Communications committee for 3 years. Mr. Nutter challenges the patent licensing industry from the podium regularly at global events and is widely published. Art holds a BSME from the University of Akron (Ohio), an MBA from the University of Phoenix, and is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP). He is Catholic, an instrument-rated pilot, rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle, is a certified SCUBA diver, directs music, sings in choirs and bands, and is married to Katheleen, with whom is blessed with eight children and six grandchildren (to date).