Missteps in Global Tier 1 Purchasing Value Added Services



Global Business Professor’s latest Audio Interview, “Missteps in Global Tier 1 Purchasing Value Added Services” features Kerry Zielinski, VP – syncreon and President of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (of SE Michigan chapter), and supply chain expert.

In the 9-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Zielinski discusses these questions:

  • What is the disruption – when does it start?
  • Why does the negotiation between the tier 1 and the 3PL breakdown?
  • Why doesn’t the 3PL hold their price?
  • What can the tier 1 do? Does the tier 1 lose? How does it get settled?
  • How to avoid the risks?

Audio Interview Guest
Kerry Zielinski
N.A. Vice President, syncreon
President, Supply Chain Management Professionals (of S.E. Michigan)
Email: Kerry.Zielinski@syncreon.com

About Kerry Zielinski
Kerry is vice president of syncreon, and president of the Supply Chain Management Professionals (of S.E. Michigan), and automotive supply chain expert.
Kerry has insight and perspective from his 30 plus years in the automotive industry. Starting in accounting, and working his way thru financial management roles – he found his life path in the automotive logistics field with the creation of modeling and tracking costs and productivity for warehousing, transportation, inbound logistics and finished vehicle delivery. Kerry designed a system for inbound routing and dealer delivery that is used to this day by a major 3PL. His experience has also lead him to managing logistics engineering departments and then sales departments in tremendous business growth and innovations to the logistics field. Recently moved to syncreon, with headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI – he has been working on their “teaming tiers” concept to end tier 1 frustrations with 3PL services and erratic pricing.